In the early 1970s, as an architect and beer enthusiast I built one of the Ottawa region’s first authentic Irish pubs, Patty’s.

Joined over time by my three sons – MJ, Quinn, and Brendan – our entire Hodgins family has earned a reputation for our passion to serve great food and beverages in a pub style environment.

Having owned and operated over 20 pubs, the jewel in our crown came when we had a chance to acquire The Old Mill in Ashton, undoubtedly one of Canada’s most authentic English pubs. It was here – amongst the banks of the Jock River, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley – that we joined with renowned brewmaster and great friend, Lorne Hart, to take our pub experience to the next level by developing Ashton Brewery and our very own line of authentic pub ale brewed on site at The Ashton Mill.

- Art Hodgins